New webmail interface

We are excited to tell you about the new interface our webmail will be switching to on July 30th. This new design is cleaner, has a more modern look and most importantly, it supports tablets and mobile phones, a feature requested by many of you for a very long time.

While we love the benefits of the new design, it also means that the experience using it will change and that’s something that can always be a little harsh. We don’t want to be bringing you problems, afterall you are busy creating a better world!

So if you want to get used to it sooner, you can try the new design before its switched on by following the instructions here
https://riseup.net/en/email/webmail/elastic and report any problems at https://support.riseup.net.



如果想提前体验,可依次点击“Preferences” –> “User Interface”,在“Interface skin”中选择“ink”主题,点击保存后就切换到新的邮箱界面了。除有些图标无法正确加载外,暂未发现其它问题。


Servers stabilizing, solidarity rising

During the last few weeks, you may have noticed our services have sometimes been slow, or not working as expected. There has been an accelerated increase in demand for our tools as physical distancing drives us to connect and collaborate more and more online. We will always work as fast as we can to stabilize things, but there is a lot of work to do!

Thanks to the many people who have contributed to keep us going. We are impressed with how much support you have provided for the riseup VPN. Look for an update about what we’re doing to improve our VPN services in a future newsletter.

We still need your financial support to meet the increasing demand for our communication tools as people rise up around the world. https://riseup.net/en/donate Please contribute if you can when you take a break from being in the streets!

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