Poistaa - 邮件黑洞 OR 黑洞邮箱


Poistaa will receive all the emails and silently delete the emails. Every single email will be discarded.



  1. 免费使用

    No need to pay to use Poistaa. Use it at your convenience for free. Since the entire features of this free discard service are available for free, there is no harm giving it a try and explore the features for yourself.

  2. 无需注册

    Every possible email address @poistaa.com is available for you (and everyone else) to use, without any registration.

    邮箱前缀可以自己任意选择、没有任何限制,如john@poistaa.com, sarah@poistaa.com, work@poistaa.com, office@poistaa.com等都可以。


其它方面也没什么好说的,如果自己想弄一个这样的服务也非常简单,弄个域名邮箱然后开启”Catch all“功能再搭建个网页就可以了。

从官网的介绍中可以看出,Poistaa是用Github Pages和免费的域名邮箱Postale搭建的。

web hosting service by Github Pages and email service handled by Postale.

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