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标题我也不知道该叫什么,就用了OnMail官网的一句话:It’s Time to Change Mail。Onmail,是Edison Mail即将推出的、志在改变邮箱的电子邮箱服务。推出时间预计在今年夏天,目前可提前邀请注册。

Onmail:是时候改变邮箱了 - httpsMail

OnMail的最大特点是其独有的“first-of-its-kind Permission-Control”,直译的话就是“史无前例的权限控制”。对该特点的介绍我就不翻译了,见原文即可,具体如何还要等OnMail推出之后再做评测。

You get to decide who comes in, and who gets your attention. We stop spam before it enters your inbox so your inbox stays clean. As with our Edison Mail apps, we block all read receipts without degrading your email experience, and you won’t see a targeted ad lurking in your inbox.

Onmail权限控制 - httpsMail


OnMail’s Search capabilities are built from the ground up to work with email. You’re able to search email the way you do naturally instead of trying to remember exact keywords.

Onmail搜索 - httpsMail




  1. AOL Mail于1993年推出
  2. Hotmail于1996年推出,后被微软收购
  3. Yahoo Mail于1997年推出
  4. Gmail于2004年推出,当时是邀请制注册,因为对这种方式很反感,所以当时就没注册,以至于现在都没注册到自己喜欢的用户名。

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