Migadu在近日更新了自己的价格套餐,将不再提供免费的域名邮箱服务,用新的“Micro”价格方案取代“Free Plan”,现有的免费用户将在10月1日取消。

What happened to the free plan?

We used to offer a free plan for more than 5 years. However, the amount of users we served has significantly grown since. We’re not in Kansas anymore. To ensure a quality service for everyone, we now ask a minimal contribution.

We have added a new plan, Micro, that is accessible to users in even most undeveloped countries. This plan replaces the free plan and it comes with all the features enabled as our other plans.

There is nothing free on the Internet. At the end of the day, someone gets the bill. We do not make our living by digging or selling your data, but rather guarding it. If that is of no value to you, we’re not such a good match.



套餐 Maxi Standard Mini Micro
邮箱地址 不限 不限 不限 不限
域名数量 不限 不限 不限 5
价格 $99 每月 $29 每月 $9 每月 $19 每年
收件数量 10000 每天 3000 每天 1000 每天 200 每天
发件数量 2000 每天 500 每天 100 每天 20 每天
邮箱空间 500 GB 100 GB 30 GB 5 GB


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