Hacker Spring - 只能用Email发贴的论坛

发现一个好玩的东西:Hacker Spring,可以看作是一个只能用邮件发贴的论坛,无需注册、登录。

httpsmail - 用邮件发贴

最基本的用法:邮件发送到“*@hackerspring.com”即可, *代表主题名称或子论坛,邮件标题就是你帖子的标题,邮件正文就是你帖子的正文。如发送邮件到httpsmail@hackerspring.com,就会收到一封“Your E-mail was received”邮件发送成功的邮件,打开Hacker Spring网站,点击“New”就看到自己新建的帖子,如下图:

httpsMail- 邮件发送新贴成功

点击帖子下方的“Leave a comment”就可以直接回帖了,当然也是通过邮件发送的方式。目前网站已经创建的主题或子论坛不多,主题创建及发贴没有任何限制。


  1. 删除帖子



    就可以顺利删除了,删除成功后也会收到一封邮件主题为“Your E-mail was received [Re: *]”的邮件提示你“Your E-mail was deleted.”

  2. 添加附件、链接等

    可以查看Hacker Spring FAQ

    How do I work with a Javascript or CSS file?

    Include the JavaScript or CSS file as an attachment. Then, in the body of your e-mail, use special commands to include.

    To include a Javascript:


    To include a CSS:


    If you’re including a CSS or JavaScript file in your html files, just use normal HTML.

    How do I make my attached index.html the first page that shows up instead of an email?

    To redirect to an HTML File put this in the body of your email:


    You can also do forum style link-sharing by simply doing:


    Don’t forget to strip the text formatting, but we try to do it for you if you forget.

    How do I link to an attachment HTML file?

    To link to an HTML File:


    Or with link text:

    $LINK(filename.html)[Anchor Text]

    This is strictly just for linking to attachments. Use your e-mail provider’s link function to link to external websites.

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